June 7, 2017

Headed for the Airport? Attorneys across the country are awaiting the Supreme Court's decision regarding the revised travel ban. Meanwhile just-graduated law students are cramming for state bar exams nation-wide. Many law students who have just finished their first year are suiting up for their first clerkship. Others are lending  a public interests organizations. And there’s got to a few of you who are just chilling at a pool. Whether you’re working, protesting, or rejuvenating, do enjoy!  


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May 21, 2017

Commencement 2017, Professor Nockleby’s 1L Torts Mannequin Challenge, and Schools Out for Summer!!!

The big news this week is that finals are over and commencement ceremonies were held at LMU’s main campus in Westchester. Many of the speeches addressed diversity and the need for our country to heal. Keynote speaker, Justice Paul Watford from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, eloquently spoke of the need to listen to and understand those who have opposing views than ours. That is the path to ending the division in our nation and lawyers could well lead the way. In fact, as Justice Watford pointed out, being able to appreciate opposing viewpoints is a hallmark of a good lawyer. It also helps us separate advocacy from animosity. To illustrate this, Justice Watford – who clerked from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – pointed to the relationship between Justice Ginsburg and Justice Antonin Scalia. While the two often vigorously opposed each other when deciding Supreme Court cases, they also were best of friends who respected each other.

Many other speeches touched upon diversity, specifically including inspirational words by student speakers Joanna Opeyemi Ogunmuyiwa and Diane R. Chang. And we know you all loved the speeches by Teachers of the Year, Professors John Nockleby and Katherine Pratt, who also talked about diversity and the simple value of finding happiness. Kudos also for the motivational words of President Timothy Law Synder and Dean Michael Waterstone.

And speaking of diversity . . . We’ve included a link on our main page for the Mannequin Challenge that Professor Nockleby discussed in his profile.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do!

Vacation plans? Those studying for the bar will have to wait until after July 25-26.  And our first-years will be busy for a bit with the Law Reviews Write-On Competition. But hopefully everyone will have some time to relax. 

We’ll have plenty of profiles and essays coming your way this summer. We also plan on beginning to help other schools launch sister-sites. If you have friends at other campuses who are interested in setting up their own #EQ4ALL Facebook page, do send us our way. Our interactive map can serve as a hub to link other sites and we also can keep a calendar of local and national equality events.  

Be kind. Take a moment to walk in someone else’s shoes. And have a great break!!!