Express Yourself!

If you would like to express yourself, our site offers three ways of doing so.

Facebook: The easiest way is to post your thoughts on our Facebook page. You can add a “like” or comment on an existing post. If you would like to write a separate independent post and start your own conversation, you can do that too, subject to moderator-approval.  We particularly encourage postings that relate to the topic: What I Did Today to Fight for Equality / Equity for All. We’d love for you to also include a picture with your post, e.g., a selfie.

Featured Profiles: The profiles we feature on our main webpage have longer content and have been done through an interview process. How it’s worked so far is that I sit down with you and have a cup of coffee as we talk about equality for all. I then write up a draft profile in the first person that you review / revise prior to uploading to our main webpage. (We also post link on Facebook.) If you would like to be profiled, please contact me directly at:  Alternately, if you would like to learn how to write up these profiles and contribute to #EQ4ALL@LLS, I’m happy to be a mentor. 

Essay / Short Articles / Petition for Peace: On the right-hand side of our home page, you’ll see a spot dedicated to content that covers specific topics, e.g., climate control.  These reflect opinions by the authors. While they must conform to our core mission of promoting equality / equity for all, they reflect the personal opinion of the author. If you would like to submit, please send your piece to:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and stories!